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We have been making tempeh here in Somerset for over 18 years.  Impulse Foods was set up in 1989 to fill a gap in the vegetarian and organic food market.  Impulse Foods now supplies a highly individual product manufactured under my personal supervision.   
The Tempeh we produce is distributed to wholesalers all over the UK.  If you've been a loyal customer over those years, many thanks. In our time we reckon we have made over a million blocks of tempeh - and here's hoping you will enjoy our new ranges just as much!   
All our products are made by hand in small batches with attention paid to detail and quality. You can rest assured that all our products are 100% vegetarian, containing no animal, dairy or egg or any of their by products.
Organics are now enjoying a boom, but we have been there from day one of production, with a 100% organic ingredient record. It seems evident to us that it is the only way to produce food without destroying the land that provides for us. Our decision to use only organics and your decision to buy our products means that we are all supporting sustainable agricultural practice, and ensuring that the food we all eat is as pure and nourishing as we can make it.
As a company we try our best to limit our use and waste of resources, ranging from the use of recycled materials (including packaging etc.) wherever feasible, through to bringing our incubators up to heat initially with the cooking water from production. We don't export our food halfway across Europe to undermine another local economy at great ecological expense, and in order to save fuel and miles our frozen deliveries are piggybacked onto those of our colleagues at 'Vegetarians Choice', which also means that we pay the cost of these deliveries to another vegetarian food manufacturer. In addition, all our raw vegetable waste (bean hulls) go to a local organic vegetable producer, who composts them to marvellous effect. We make tempeh because we are vegetarians who know good food when we eat it , and the better the alternatives we can provide for others, the easier it will be for them to stop eating meat.   
 If your local store doesn't stock Tempeh, then ask them to
(There is one small warning we must mention about Hemp seed). 
Our popular chilled Tempeh with Hemp seeds, contains dehulled soft hemp seed. Which, while having extraordinary health benefits, can in rare cases cause a reaction to individuals with nut allergies!

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